The Truth About LNG

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What’s happening in YOUR Community … Gas Leaks? Why is the utility looking to increase the volume of natural gas they store when, by simply repairing their infrastructure, they could benefit form reduced waste – thus increasing their available volume?

It’s not about cheap energy!

NO LNG 2Don’t let the commercials fool you … the proposed expansion of the LNG facility in Acushnet is NOT about keeping electricity costs down. It is entirely about profits. There are numerous sources that indicate the expansion of the LNG facility in Acushnet is unnecessary – and not even the best alternative long term solution for cleaner energy.

So why be concerned?

Whether the powers that be at EverSource want to admit it or not, we do not live in a society where everything goes to plan. Is an LNG Facility safe? Yes – as long as everything goes to plan. Were the Twin Towers Safe? Yes – as long as no one crashed fuel laden 737’s into them. But what happens when everything doesn’t go to plan? Folks … the very scary truth of the matter is the size of the catastrophe that could potentially occur … even if it was 1 in 100 million odds of occurring … is so entirely unnerving that we need to look at the risk of having this powder keg in our backyard.

Residential Area

The proposed expansion of EverSource’s LNG facility is in a residential area. Looks pretty unpopulated by EverSources way of thinking …

Poposed site

But Who Knows???!!! – No one will either confirm or refute if a catastrophic blast zone is “only” as small as the image on the left … or the image on the right … or worse!